What museum art brings

Have you ever been to a museum or exhibition and seen warm conversations and happy faces of the people visiting? Or are you one of those people? Something special dwells in people’s hearts when they are in front of their favorite works of art. It is said that viewing paintings not only has positive effects on the body and mind, such as activating the brain, moistening the mind, and nurturing the senses, but it also improves the immune system.

Medical Approach

Can art appreciation make people happy?” In a symposium held “The Happiness Effect of Museums – Thinking about the Possibility of Art Appreciation” by the National Art Museum of Ateneum, Finland x DNP, a discussion was held on “The brain tries to feel beauty in works of art to be happy”. Discussions unfolded.

When we see a picture and find it “beautiful,” the orbitofrontal cortex, located in the lower part of the frontal lobe (forehead), becomes more active. The orbitofrontal cortex is related to the reward system in the brain, which is also active when we desire to do something or when we find something desirable, and beauty is a “reward. The hierarchy of neural activity for happiness includes the “five senses,” “desire circuit,” “preference circuit,” and “happiness circuit,” and value experiences form the basis of happiness. One conclusion was drawn that art appreciation is one of the human activities that give us “pleasure” or motivate us, and as a result, we feel “happiness”.

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From the symposium “The Happiness Effect of Museums: Thinking about the Possibilities of Art Appreciation” by Ateneum Art Museum of Finland × DNP Museum Lab

A room without painting (BEFORE) and a room with a painting (AFTER). The other settings are exactly the same.

There is a large body of research and literature on the impact of art on well-being. These studies shed light on how art contributes to well-being.


The medical journal BMJ British Medical Journal reports that the greater the exposure to culture and the arts, the greater the risk of avoiding premature death. A study conducted by British (UCL) researchers over a period of 14 years found that those who appreciate the arts once every two to three months or more often have a 31% lower risk of premature death than those who do not

A happy relationship between space and museum art

Eye nutrition

Visually brightens the space and is pleasing to the eye

Feel gorgeous, feel comfortable

I remember when I went to museums and exhibitions.

Add personality to your space

Create the ideal atmosphere instantly

You can change the look without doing a major renovation.

Can add personality and character to a space

imagination / inspiration

Your imagination expands from the motifs depicted.

Inspiration has a positive effect on the brain

Add personality to your space

Communication with the people you are with becomes smoother and your conversations become more lively.

“Who is this artist?” “What scene is this from?” “It’s beautiful.”

Art Subscription

Even though having art in a space is wonderful, purchasing paintings right away can feel daunting. Art enthusiasts often want to own their favorite pieces, but selecting art for public places or companies where many people come and go can be challenging. Additionally, buying multiple paintings to avoid monotony can be expensive and difficult to manage. In such cases, why not consider a rental service that allows you to display the perfect artwork for a limited period?

At Art Subscription, we promote the enjoyment of art by offering a sharing economy for paintings, making it easy to experience the comfort of art in your space while supporting museums. Our collection is distinguished by its timeless appeal, featuring works from ArteChiara that have captivated audiences for generations and continue to do so today. You can choose pieces that resonate with you, or let us provide complimentary coordination to suit your space.

With a track record of creating official digital archives for prestigious museums like the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, we offer masterpieces recreated with cutting-edge technology and the craftsmanship of Italian framers. This brings a touch of museum elegance to your space and contributes to the operation of the museums, supporting cultural initiatives and societal enrichment.

We invite you to enjoy the delightful moments of incorporating museum art into your surroundings.